ATA Online concentrates on providing high quality international education experiences and services to Chinese and foreign students, and expects to provide online, on-campus and other forms of educational programs through its network of educational partners around the world.

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About ATA

ATA is the founder and leader of e-testing and assessment services in China, one of the largest computer-based e-testing and assessment service provider,
and the pioneer of performance-based testing and assessment technologies around the world.
With more than 3,000 test centers in 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and special administrative regions across China, as well as European and American countries, ATA is capable of providing the broadest range of computer-based e-testing and assessment services to test sponsors and employers, and accommodating over a million candidates being tested concurrently in one single day and tens of millions of candidates in just a year.
ATA is headquartered in Beijing and has a R&D and operation center in Shanghai and several local offices across the country.
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Advantages and valueATA is the largest third-part provider of computer-based testing and assessment technology and test delivery services.

  • years of focusing on testing and assessment industry

  • countries and regions using its proprietary testing technologies

  • cities across the country with one or more testing sites

  • testing and assessment subjects

  • million tests being delivered each year

  • test centers across China

Testing services

Leveraging the leading test and assessment technologies and abundant test delivery experience and depending on over 3,000 authorized test centers across the country, ATA has been providing a whole range of professional testing technologies and test delivery services, test content and market promotion services for clients such as government agencies, industry associations, academic institutions and corporations.

  • test centers

  • test subjects

  • million tests delivered

Assessment services

Based on computer-based testing and assessment technologies and services, ATA adopts a unique talent evaluation standard and evaluation system to provide integrated HR selection and recruitment services, such as large-scale exams and contests, flexible online assessment services, interviewer trainings, for the talent selection and recruitment of various industries and enterprises, as well as scientific and efficient turnkey solutions for test sponsors and talent selection and recruitment management of enterprises.

  • candidates tested/year

  • enterprises served

  • countries covered

Online education

ATA applies the formative evaluation technology to its online education solutions in an innovative way, recording the learners’ basic information, learning trajectory, testing and assessment process and results based on big data, giving them the advice of how to learn better through comprehensive analysis, providing tens of millions of learners and candidates with an effective learning mode, offering the test sponsors with proven and reliable online education, remote learning, and education/training technologies and delivery services.

  • online courses

  • million hours of course-wares

  • active users

  • million learning hours

Education evaluation

Educational evaluation is made by centering around a multidimensional, multi-role, multi- form, multi-level assessment system, by means of cognitive assessment measures, and on basis of Big Data Mining. It gives dynamic diagnosis and feedbacks on the learning state and effect of students through periodical assessment in the regions or schools so as to help educational authorities, schools and teachers learn about teaching information, individual differences, which helps improve teaching quality and learning effect, and lays a solid basis for holistic education.

Contact us

ATA Headquarters in Beijing

Address: East door, Floor 1, Building No.2, Jianwai SOHO East District, No.39, Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100022
Tel: 010-65181122
Fax: 010-58699738

ATA Shanghai Operation Center

Address: Building K2, Pudong Software Park, No. 36, Boyunlu, Zhangjiang, Pudong, Shanghai, 201203
Tel: 021-61821999
Fax: 021-61821919



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