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The 5th International Conference on Testing Technologies and Methodologies in Beijing

2010-10-18 551


The 5th ATA International Conference on Testing Technologies and Methodologies will be held on the 22 of December 2010 in Beijing. Same as last year, the theme of the conference is to promote standard assessments in acquiring talents to HR personnel and decision makers. Again, 700+ audience is expected this year to participate and share ideas about the latest trends of talent selections.


Organized by ATA, the international conference for testing technologies and methodologies has been held every year in China since five years ago. The conference is positioned as an ideas and best practises exchange platform for the industry and attracted more than 700 attendees last year including key players and decision makers, HR managers and HR services providers. This is the only Testing Conference in China with this magnitude and focused audiences. The conference is aimed on general issues with testing research, trends and technologies, bringing all these to the eyes of the Chinese practitioners in the testing/certification industries. Although not intended to make the conference a product driven activity, for the last 2 years, ATA has steered the conference into more application driven themes.  For instance, the use of assessment instruments in the recruitment processes has drawn a lot of attention, mainly using English (TOEIC) and Personality (SHL) assessment as showcases.


For details of the conference this year, please stay tuned and we will announce on our official website in the next 2 weeks with detailed programs.