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ATA President Speaks at Harvard University

2010-04-19 554


Recently, Harvard China Review (HCR) held its 13th Annual Conference at Harvard University. Hundreds of graduates and students from prestigious universities in the United States including Harvard, Yale, Wharton, MIT and Columbia, as well as American scholars on China issues attended the forum. Mr. Walter Wang, President of ATA, was invited by the organizing committee as one of the keynote speakers at the forum.


Focused on New China's Growth and Prospects, the 13th Annual Conference of Harvard China Review (HCR) gathered well-known scholars and entrepreneurs in today’s China including Fred Hu, an influential economist and former managing director at Goldman Sachs Asia; and Mr. Zhiqiang REN, Chairman of Vantone Real Estate and member of Beijing People’s Political Consultative Conference. In his speech, Mr. Walter WANG encouraged the Chinese students to make the most of the differences between Chinese and US educational systems to enhance their professional skills as an advantage; he also introduced the current economic and social background in China and the prominent future of the Chinese educational and testing industry as well as the great opportunities laying there for both entrepreneurship and employment.  He encouraged the Chinese students to return to China after graduation to realize their personal dreams and values.


Mr. WANG's speech was well received and resonated among the audience. In response to a question on whether or not China still offers good opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment or it is rather late after having experienced rapid expansion of the Internet; Mr. Wang cited TOEIC as an example, "Many Chinese students would take the English training courses at New Oriental School and the TOEFL, GRE or GMAT test before leaving for the United States to study”, he continued, “Besides these well-known tests, people may not be aware that TOEIC, which is also under Educational Testing Service (ETS), the same test sponsor for TOEFL, is now undergoing rapid growth in China. As a workplace English proficiency test and considering the population, economic growth and the globalization process of China, the demand for workplace English will definitely experience exponential growth in the future.”  He cited the fact that New Oriental Group became a public company in China driven by merely 100,000 TOEFL examinees per year. Given the enormous growth potential of TOEIC in China, one can imagine the enormous business and employment opportunities created by one program, not to mention there are more opportunities out there.


Established in 1998, Harvard China Review has been dedicated to promoting academic, economic and cultural exchanges between China and the international community for the past twelve years since its inception.  It has now become the largest and most influential conference on China in North America and attracts hundreds of participants including well-known scholars, industry and political leaders and entrepreneurs. Mr. Li Zhaoxing, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, Mr.Jin Liqun, former Finance Minister of China, and Mr Zhou Xiaochuan, President of People's Bank of China, are among the attendees of previous conferences.