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The First Future Education Forum of Tsinghua University Successfully Held

2017-05-31 797

 On May 27, 2017, the first Future Education Forum & Inaugural Ceremony of the Research Institute of Future Education and Evaluation at Tsinghua University was held at the reception hall of the main building of Tsinghua University. Mr. Kevin Ma, ATA’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, attended the forum.



        Dr. Liu Ying, Chief Assessment Officer of ATA and CEO of Academic Assessment Authority, delivered a speech titled “Talent Evaluation under the New Education Era” at the forum. According to her, under the new education era, there are three major trends in the changes of talent evaluation – varied and differentiated demands for talent evaluation; increasingly normalized and personalized talent evaluation; and diverse means of evaluating talents and more precise evaluation results.



        Founded with the donation from ATA, the Research Institute of Future Education and Evaluation at Tsinghua University is aimed to become a research platform which is first-class in China and has profound international influences. Centering on the research of the theories, practices and evaluation of future education, the Research Institute of Future Education and Evaluation will establish under it a research institute on future education evaluation, an institute on future talent assessment, and an institute on Chinese-language international education. The first academic forum was also held this time in the hope of jointly promoting the reform in the future education and academic performance evaluation, and advancing the innovative development in talent assessment and selection.



        This forum attracted more than 200 participants from educational circles, scientific and technological communities, and leading enterprises. It was reported on site by more than 20 media and was broadcast live on the Internet.


        Also present at the forum were: Wang Xiqin, vice president of Tsinghua University, Xie Weihe, vice director of School Council of Tsinghua University and dean of the Institute of Education, Nie Fenghua, deputy secretary-general of Tsinghua University, He Yong, deputy director of State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning at Beijing Normal University, Guo Xiuyan, vice dean of the School of Psychology and Cognitive Science at East China Normal University, Ma Shaoping, professor from Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University, Wang Dianjun, headmaster of Tsinghua University High School, and three members from the Institute of Education, Tsinghua University – Shi Jinghuan, executive vice dean, Liu Huiqin, secretary of the general Party branch, and Li Manli, director of the Teaching Affairs Committee. 



        In the future, the Research Institute of Future Education and Evaluation at Tsinghua University will be constructed by relying on the Institute of Education, Tsinghua University. By employing the theories of education, psychology, brain science, artificial intelligence, measurement and other academic subjects, basing itself on cross-disciplinary perspectives, and adopting various kinds of research methods to constantly promote the evidence-based education research, the Research Institute of Future Education and Evaluation will play its role in exploring the path of education reform and innovation of paradigms in the future. ATA will also leverage its core technologies and capabilities accumulated over a long period of time in the testing and assessment field to continue making its contributions to the development of future education evaluation and academic performance evaluation.