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“The 11th International Conference on Testing Methodologies and Technologies” Held in Nanjing University

2016-12-19 710

Professors and Scholars from Home and Abroad Gather Together to Discuss Talents Assessment and Management under the Backdrop of Big Data


Date of Release: December 19, 2016


On December 16, ATA and Nanjing University jointly organized the “11th International Conference on Testing Methodologies and Technologies & Data-driven Cultivation and Evaluation of College Students for Innovation and Entrepreneurship” in Nanjing. In attendance to the conference are professors, scholars and entrepreneurs from Nanjing University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Nankai University, Association of Test Publishers (ATP), American College Test (ACT), Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA), Asia Association of Test Publishers, China Futures Association, Agriculture Bank of China, Brilent, Appy Square, and Willis Towers Watson. 



Mr. Wang Zhilin, Party Committee Member and Vice President of Nanjing University, and Kevin Ma, Chairman and CEO of ATA, delivered speeches during the conference and expressed warm welcome to the guests present. 



In his speech, Vice President Wang Zhilin stressed the significance of cultivating innovative talents. According to him, innovative talents represent sharp and sustained competitive edges, and has become a hot topic among universities and industries. Nanjing University has long been committed to exploring reform of talents cultivation and has made remarkable achievements in this regard. He pointed out that innovation is not only a gift, but also a learned ability. Therefore, the cultivation of innovative talents needs to unlock their gifted potential, while providing personalized support to hone their acquired skills. The big-data-based assessment is the right solution that can effectively produce this effect. Mr. Wang also expressed his hope that the scholars present can make in-depth exchanges and discussions on talents assessment in the big data era, and offer constructive advice on how to cultivate innovative talents and promote social progress.



Kevin Ma stated that as an independent third-party testing and assessment service provider, ATA has always dedicated itself to driving constant innovation and sustainable development of testing methodologies and technologies, and its fair, accurate and efficient testing services and delivery capabilities have been widely supported and recognized by colleges and universities nationwide. Speaking about the cooperation on the demonstration base for innovation and entrepreneurship, Kevin expected that Nanjing University and ATA can leverage their respective advantages in talents cultivation, technical support and data resources, and smoothly complete the construction of “College Students Database for Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. He also hoped that the professors and scholars can express their opinions freely and exchange views on the latest theoretical results, cutting-edge technologies and hands-on experience in the fields of talents management, testing and assessment, and data.


After that, Shao Jin, Director of Registry of Nanjing University, Luo Guanzhong, Director of HKEAA Assessment Technology and Research, Dr. William.G.Harris, CEO of ATP, and Dr. Wang Gang, Founder and CEO of ApplySquare and Special Expert from Beijing, delivered keynote speeches on such topics as talents cultivation for innovation and entrepreneurship, psychometric techniques, digital evaluation and management of talents, and big data.


Shao Jin, Director of Registry of Nanjing University, delivers a speech


Dr. Luo Guanzhong, Director of HKEAA Assessment Technology and Research, delivers a speech


Dr. William.G.Harris, CEO of ATP, makes a speech


Dr. Wang Gang, Founder and CEO of ApplySquare and Special Expert from Beijing, gives a speech


The conference sets up several forums for the first time, covering three themes of “Data + Education”, “Data + Talents Recruitment”, “Data + Talents Evaluation”, and inviting relevant scholars to make keynote reports. During the roundtable discussions, the guests present conducted intense discussions and broad exchanges with each other on such topics as talents selection of universities, university autonomous enrollment, talents recruitment and evaluation. 


Forum on “Data + Education”


Dr. Liu Ying, Chief Assessment Officer of ATA and President of ATA Testing & Assessment Institute, delivers a speech


Zi Yanyang, Director of Students Admission Office of Xi’an Jiaotong University, makes a speech


David Yi, Head of Asia for ACT and K12, makes a speech


Roundtable discussion at forum on “Data + Education”


Forum on “Data + Talents Recruitment”


Dr. Liao Yihua, Chief Data Officer and Co-founder of Brilent


Ms. Mira Gajraj Mohan, Practice Director of Talent Management & Organizational Alignment of Willis Towers Watson, gives a speech


Roundtable discussion at Forum on “Data + Talents Recruitment”


Forum on “Data + Talents Evaluation”


Li Qiang, Director of China Futures Association (CFA) Talent Development Steering Committee, makes a speech


Ms. Fion Ye Huili, Former Greater China Director of ACCA, delivers a speech


Roundtable discussion at Forum on “Data + Talents Evaluation”




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