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2017 Campus Recruitment Rally---ATA's "Campus Recruitment Test Season"

2016-11-07 682
2017 Campus Recruitment Rally---ATA's "Campus Recruitment Test Season"


Date of Release: November 7, 2016


The annual campus recruitment season opens now, and the unified examinations for campus recruitment of enterprises and banking giants are being held in succession. At this weekend, the 2017 unified national examination of campus recruitment for banking giants including Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Postal Savings Bank of China will be held; and, the 2017 examinations of campus recruitment for People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC), Grant Thornton, the China Southern Airlines and TravelSky will take place successively. This may be a common weekend, but it is the most critical one for hundreds of thousands of fresh graduates to apply for a job, and it is a typical weekend for ATA’s “campus recruitment test season".


Having devoted to the campus recruitment test service market for a long time, with its leading testing technology and delivery capability, ATA has provided overall solutions, testing technologies and delivery services in campus recruitment examinations for nearly all banks and hundreds of enterprises in China.


On November 5, the 2017 unified national examination of campus recruitment was held in 39 cities and the Macao Special Administrative Region in China. This was the first time that ATA had set a test site in the Macao Special Administrative Region, fulfilling the international talent recruitment requirements for Bank of China.


On November 6, the unified national examination of 2017 campus recruitment for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, known as “No. 1 Bank in the universe” was held in 38 cities across the country.  


On November 6, the unified national examination of 2017 campus recruitment for Postal Savings Bank of China--- the world’s biggest IPO within the year was successfully held nationwide.


In recent years, financial industries and large state-owned enterprises increasingly value the fairness, scientificness and transparency in the process of campus recruitment in addition to talent recruitment and employer brand. ATA’s computer-based comprehensive test solutions and services guarantee the fairness and justice and satisfy the basic appeal of large enterprises for campus recruitment.


“Test site appointment” is a new service firstly adopted by some enterprises in the 2017 campus recruitment. Candidates signing up for an enterprise’s campus recruitment can choose a convenient test site by logging in before printing their admission tickets, which greatly improves their experience and satisfaction and the employer brand appreciates among candidates.


ATA’s 17-year successful experience in technology, organization, delivery and services in testing & assessment has become the core competitiveness that corporate employers value the most in campus recruitment and the root cause for them to choose ATA campus recruitment overall solutions.


This year, ATA has provided and is to provide campus recruitment testing technology and delivery services for hundreds of enterprises. Besides, more than one million fresh graduates will participate in the recruitment and selection of their favorite enterprises through ATA’s testing services. ATA not only provides a context of more fair and just competition for talents, but also facilitates enterprises to select the best and most suitable talent in an efficient way, while providing graduates with a fair competing platform to show their true selves and realize their dreams along their job hunts and career developments.



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