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ATA Provides Test Delivery Services for ACT in China

2016-10-24 682
ATA Provides Test Delivery Services for ACT in China


Date of Release: October 24, 2016


ACT (American College Test), also known as the America’s Gaokao, kicked off smoothly on October 22. ATA served as the test delivery services provider of the test.


Also known as the college entrance examination of the United States, ATC is the entrance qualification test targeting students applying for the courses for college freshmen and is one of the conditions for admission into American universities or colleges. However, ACT is different from China’s college entrance examination in that the former is held several times every year to satisfy the demands of its global candidates.


The second half of the year is the peak season of ACT. Sophomores in senior high schools take ACT to accumulate experience. For seniors, some enter the test only to get higher scores and gain better advantages for application and others, to get a satisfactory score to meet the requirements for admission into a US school. It is reported that according to the estimates of experts, the test is likely to see the largest number of candidates in the year. Test scores will be released on the 10th or 11th day after the test, so candidates will have to wait one more week to get their ACT scores.


Different from China’s Gaokao, ACT is not the conclusive test for examining how well the students have mastered the knowledge, but a configured test for testing the students’ learning ability, personality, and adaptability. ACT consists of four sections, namely, article error correction (English), Math, Reading, and Science Reasoning, with a total score of 36. In addition, ACT also includes a 30-minute optional writing test.


As ACT has been widely welcomed by countries around the globe, ACT scores have been used as one of the conditions for admission into US universities or colleges and are also recognized by top universities and colleges in Singapore and many other Southeast Asian countries.



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