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The 2nd Wave®-Certified Assessor Training Held in Beijing

2016-08-22 699
The 2nd Wave®-Certified Assessor Training Held in Beijing


Date of Release: August 22, 2016


On August 18 and 19, ATA Online organized the 2nd Wave®-Certified Assessor Training Workshop in Beijing. ATA Assessment Research Institutes’ Wave®-certified lecturers carried out two-day Wave® trainings for more than ten senior HR managers from multiple enterprises. 



The Wave®-certified assessor training courses are designed mainly for HR professionals engaged in organizational development, and talent selection & recruitment and management. Offering trainings on assessment tools and talent evaluation techniques and skills, the courses can help turn HR managers into testing and assessment experts, and offer assistance to their enterprises in identifying talents. All participants in the training courses come from Fortune 500 companies from home and abroad. During the trainings, they shared with each other the challenges in the process of talent recruitment and selection, and discussed how to use the Wave® assessment tools to address the challenges.


ATA’s Wave®-certified lecturer Mu Jun first introduced the history of talent assessment evaluation and the latest practices, as well as the basic theories and applications of talent testing and assessment, enabling the participants to understand from a professional perspective the expertise in talent assessment, and conveying the charm of testing and assessment to all participants through specific interpretation of relevant parameters (including reliability and validity). The courses also simulated the talent selection and recruitment scenarios, and adopted the Wave Card Sort learning method in which the competence models for different positions were established through team discussions; and the participants served as senior consultants in the training class, optimized and implemented the position competence models, and completed the modeling tasks of different teams in a competitive manner.


Through the two-day intensive trainings and instructions as well as analysis of relevant cases, HR managers learned effectively how to select and cultivate talents. In the case studies, the participants participated in the testing and assessment project of middle-level and senior managers of an insurance group, and the campus recruitment process of a leading industrial group, matched the personality dimension with competence, mastered the skills of how to read and give feedback to Wave® assessment report, and learned the applications of Wave® assessment products in an all-round way. 



After the training courses, all participating HR managers mastered the basic theoretical knowledge about Wave® assessment products and developed the capability of reading Wave® assessment report. In the process of talent recruitment and selection, HR professionals can analyze how well he/she is qualified for the post according to the Wave® assessment report of candidates and use the Wave® assessment products to discover talents for the enterprise in a more effective way.


The participating HR managers will obtain the Wave®-certified assessor certificate after the training, and ATA will provide to all certified assessors continuous technical support and assistance, as well as further trainings on the updated Wave® assessment tools.


As a leading testing and assessment expert, ATA has applied Wave® career-style assessment in campus recruitment, social recruitment, and internal selection and engagement of many large enterprises in China, such as the five major commercial banks (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, and Bank of Communications), Huawei, China Pacific Insurance (CPIC), Lenovo, and Cannon, all of which have improved the accuracy and work efficiency of enterprise HR by applying Wave® career-style assessment in their talent selection and recruitment. Talent assessment has become the current development trend in the HR selection and recruitment field and Wave® career-style assessment has been regarded as the assessment product of the highest reliability and validity as it can help enterprises to better select, use and reserve talents. ATA will continue to provide enterprise HR with Wave®-certified assessor trainings to help more HR managers to improve their professional skills in talent recruitment and assessment.



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