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ATA Named 2015-2016 Best Talents Evaluator in Greater China

2016-04-25 593
ATA Named 2015-2016 Best Talents Evaluator in Greater China


Date of Release: April 25, 2016


On April 22, 2016, the 2015-2016 Best HR Service Providers in Greater China jointly sponsored by Human Capital Management magazine and HRoot was held at The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai. With its outstanding contributions to the development and progress of China’s HR management, ATA won the 2015-2016 Best Talents Evaluator in Greater China Award. Mr. Zhao Shuqiu, Vice President of ATA, was invited to attend the award ceremony and received the award.



As a leader with 17 years of experience in testing and assessment and more than 3,000 test centers across China, Europe and America, ATA has developed powerful capabilities in delivering large-scale computer-based examinations on a nationwide scale and even in several countries at the same time, providing governments and enterprises with professional testing and assessment as well as online learning services in 70.3 million tests involving tens of millions of test-takers so far. Meanwhile, ATA has developed mobile testing technology and online testing system in recent years which organically integrates enterprises, candidates and test contents on a collaborated platform based on new technologies such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, and big data to support recruitment testing and talents evaluation at any time and any place according to the needs of enterprises, thus allowing enterprise HR managers with more flexible and efficient testing and assessment service solutions.


As the leading testing and assessment service provider, ATA has been committed to the testing and assessment industry over the past 17 years as an advocator and practitioner of the concept of seeking innovation and development in “testing, evaluation, and learning”. With its core technologies and capabilities developed in testing and evaluation service, ATA has, based on big data and mobile Internet, linked learning, testing, evaluation, job-seeking, and career development. Meanwhile, ATA has provided precise learning resources and career development avenues to candidates, and scientific, objective, comprehensive and precise talents management and decision-making basis to sponsors and enterprise owners. In 2015, ATA established an active presence in the fields of big-data-based job-seeking & recruitment, mobile testing and evaluation, cloud-based online testing, and online vocational education. For its devotion and professionalism, ATA stood out from its competitors and won the title of “The Best Talents Evaluator in Greater China”, the one with the highest content of gold on the award list.


Over the past years, ATA has successively provided various testing and assessment services such as campus recruitment, social recruitment, and job post assessment to Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, and joint-stock banks such as China Merchants Bank, Central energy enterprises such as Sinopec and State Grid, communications giants such as China Mobile and China Unicom, and leading airline companies such as China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines.


In the year that just passed, ATA, based on its traditional gene in computer-based examination business, launched ezTest - a cloud-based online testing platform to keep making progress in technological transformation and launching new products in the Internet plus era. Every year, ATA provides over 10 million computer-based testing and assessment services, with a market share of more than 90% in China’s large-scale computer-based testing services. In terms of talents selection and recruitment services, ATA provides campus recruitment testing and assessment services to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, and Bank of Communications. Every year, more than 1 million fresh graduates attend the campus recruitment examinations of large enterprises through ATA’s testing services. In addition, in 2015, ATA launched a series of new products and services including ezTest, a cloud-based online testing platform for mobile Internet and its mobile testing system Smart Test. Within less than ten months, ezTest managed to find favor with dozens of domestic and foreign well-known enterprises for its performance in Lenovo Campus Recruitment Fall 2016, Canon Campus Recruitment Fall 2016, and Linkdelin China Recruitment for Certification Officers. Moreover, ezTest has also found its way into the financial industry as evidenced by its new users such as China Minsheng Bank and Chongqing Construction Bank. ATA is always a follower of the principle of “putting customers first” who has long been engaged in innovations and reforms in technology and delivery. The birth of ezTest is to better satisfy customer needs according to social development.


With a deep understanding of the needs of customers and candidates, ATA has always been pursuing the ultimate testing services and experiences. Under the corporate spirit of serving customers and candidates, ATA will, together with more enterprises and sponsors, bring more ultimate testing experiences, provide better and more convenient testing and assessment services, and create a scientific and fair testing and assessment environment.


The Best HR Service Providers in Greater China, sponsored by Human Capital Management, the most widely circulated periodical in China, has been successfully held for nine years in a row. Currently the most authoritative and eye-catching HR selection event with the largest scale and highest level in Greater China, it aims at selecting out the outstanding performers in the HR service sector in this region and the best HR service providers of the industry. By presenting awards to the outstanding winners, it affirms their status in the industry and encourages them to play a more important role in the HR sector and to promote the sustainable development of the industry.


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