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ATA Wins the Bid for Providing Services to China Mobile in its 2016-2017 National Unified Written Examination Program for Campus Recruitment

2016-04-16 582
ATA Wins the Bid for Providing Services to China Mobile in its 2016-2017 National Unified Written Examination Program for Campus Recruitment


Date of Release: April 15, 2016


ATA recently won the bid for providing services to China Mobile in its 2016-2017 national unified examination program for campus recruitment. This is the first time that ATA provides nationwide services to 49 branch companies under China Mobile Communications Corporation. Before that, it has offered services of campus recruitment examination to the branches of China Mobile in some provinces and municipalities in 2014 and 2015. The success in winning the bid not only shows that China Mobile recognizes the expertise of ATA in the field of examination and testing services, but also demonstrates ATA’s constant efforts to make innovation and pursue excellence. It will encourage ATA to keep going towards the objectives of evaluating talents in a fair and precise manner and developing talents scientifically and efficiently.  


As the benchmark and leader in telecommunication industry across the country, China Mobile selects ATA as the provider for its national unified computer-based test (CBT) and evaluation services to ensure the fairness and impartiality of campus recruitment. In 2014, China Mobile conducted a nationwide unified computer-based campus recruitment test in six pilot branch companies, and achieved great success. In 2015, China Mobile expanded the CBT program to 39 branch companies nationwide. With the successful experience gained from conducting unified CBT for two consecutive years, China Mobile decided to conduct a unified campus recruitment examination in its 49 branch companies using unified examination questions and test window. Through public invitation for bidding, ATA was finally selected as the test delivery service provider of the examination. 


In recent years, large enterprises, especially large-scale SOEs, have been attaching greater attention to campus recruitment. These enterprises not only regard campus recruitment as an important source and tool of selecting and retaining talents, but also give priority to openness, fairness and transparency in the organization and implementation of the examination. ATA dedicates itself to fair and precise talent assessment, as well as scientific and highly efficient talent development, and always upholds the belief of “putting customers first.” ATA’s integrated solution for campus recruitment allows enterprises to deploy their campus recruitment examination questions on the mature and stable large-scale examination delivery system developed by ATA, allowing synchronized computer-based campus recruitment examination nationwide, and fulfilling the needs of large-scale enterprises when they conduct cross-region examinations which involve large number of examinees in different parts of the country. For enterprises, CBT can not only reduce the costs of recruiting talents, improve the efficiency in organizing campus recruitment activities, but also ensure the fairness, impartiality and transparency in the process and results of campus recruitment. 


ATA has been dedicated to testing and assessment since its establishment, and has accumulated rich and successful experiences in testing and evaluation in terms of technology, organization, delivery and service. These are the core competitiveness that employers value most when they select service providers in campus recruitment. It is also the fundamental reason why many enterprises select ATA’s integrated solution for their campus recruitment exercises. Looking ahead, ATA will continue to make active efforts in helping enterprises recruit, select and assess talents, as well as better fulfilling the requirements of more enterprises in recruiting talents. It will also help more graduates and job-seekers realize their career dreams and personal development, and contribute to promoting talent competition and development based on social justice and fairness.


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