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First Symposium on Continuous Education System for Banking Professionals Held in Guangzhou

2017-06-30 737

Hosted by China Bankers Institute (CBI), co-organized by Guangdong Banking Association and sponsored by ATA, the first Banking Continuous Education Symposium took place in Guangzhou successfully on June 28. Attendees included Tang Shaoyun, Assistant to the President of CBI, Wu Longxiang, Director of the Online College Department, Wang Zhijun, Deputy Secretary-General of the Guangdong Banking Association, and relevant responsible persons from certain local associations and banking institutions in the South China region and ATA.

First of all, Tang Shaoyun, Assistant to the President of CBI, extended his welcome to all the attendees on behalf of CBI, and then noted that the purpose of the meeting was to communicate with the banking industry community, and collect the attendees' opinions and suggestions for consideration. Mr. Wang, Secretary-General of Guangdong Banking Association, also extended his welcome to the personnel from the China Banking Association and CBI on behalf of Guangdong Province's counterparts. As he mentioned, the China Banking Association and CBI play a positive role by sponsoring events in local regions, and the opportunity to get together the colleagues in banking community for the betterment of the industry should be made use effectively.

Subsequently, Mr. Tang briefed the attendees from various associations and institutions on the background of the continuous education project for banking professional qualifications, and the positive role and deep impact of the popularization of continuous education on the improvement of the banking professionals' expertise and skills. From the perspectives of national policy support, industrial self-discipline requirements, or market needs, the promotion of continuous education with great efforts would be an inevitable choice for long-term development of the banking industry.

Mr. Wu, director of CBI's Online College Department, provided a detailed description of the performance of the online learning system for banking professionals' continuous education in the year after its launch, in terms of work progress, business activities, next-step priorities and proposals for cooperation, and focused on explaining the curriculum structure and platform features of the continuous education system. As a learning platform supported by national policy and well-known experts & consultants from home and abroad, the online learning system for banking professionals' continuous education has unparalleled advantages in terms of authoritative, professional and forward-looking natures. Since its launch online for trial operation on July 1, 2016, there have been 100,000 registrants, with accumulated 360,000 learning hours completed. Positive feedback has been received from learners and institutions, with the curriculum rating above 4 stars accounting for more than 98%. All these figures have evidenced the authoritative and professional nature of the continuous education courses as well as the excellence of the learning system's technologies and user experience.

Li Qiuyuan, ATA Project Leader, introduced the functions and advantages of the system platform and demonstrated the operation of the learning system. All attendees experienced the convenience of the mobile learning via We-Chat on site. The unique advantages of the online learning system for continuous education lie in the full and sound service system for managers of various levels and learners. As a third-party testing and assessment service provider, ATA has established a learning platform for learners, a management platform for organizations, and a mobile learning platform via WeChat through systematic design serving both learners and institutions, which not only meet learners' needs for learning at any time and at any place, but also institutions' needs for collective registration, understanding and managing their employees' learning progress.

Upon listening to the overall description of the continuous education project for banking professionals, the attendees gave a positive evaluation and conducted heated discussion and communication. They noted that the more than 100 courses in the learning system for banking professionals' continuous education have a complete curriculum system, taking into account professional and forward-looking natures, which is needed by most of the banking institutions for their own training platforms. They expressed their hope that the China Banking Association and CBI would organize more cooperative projects with these institutions to assist them in talent training and pooling.

The online learning system for banking professionals' continuous education has been in trial operation for one year since its launch online, and in the future, the China Banking Association and CBI will carry out extensive cooperation with local associations and banking institutions, implementing and promoting such features as collective registration of institutional users, course content development and cloud colleges. In addition, they will, based on the principles of serving learners and institutions, listen to more feedback from learners and institutions, strengthen the integration of industrial resources, and provide better services for the banking industry practitioners, learners, institutions and local associations.

The continuous education system for China's banking professionals:

Due to the transformation, upgrades and sustained development of China's banking industry, the requirements for banking professionals' expertise, ethics of conduct and comprehensive qualifications have been on the rise. The Tentative Provisions on Banking Professionals' Qualifications jointly issued by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and China Banking Regulatory Commission on December 23, 2013, specify that "any personnel that have obtained banking professional qualification certificates shall voluntarily accept continuous education, upgrade their professional knowledge and continuously improve their professional quality and work capabilities."

The continuous education system for China's banking professionals, for which ATA provides technical and operational services, has successively launched 100 premium online courses developed by experts from home and abroad since its official launch on January 1, 2017, with a total of more than 330 learning hours provided, and with their contents covering banking professional knowledge, laws and regulations, professional ethics and network certificate courses. Through this system, a professional and authoritative continuous education platform has been made available for China's banking professionals.