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ATA and Alibaba Cloud Entering into Strategic Cooperation to Launch “Test Cloud” Products

2017-10-18 940

October 13 – Today, ATA and Alibaba Cloud entered into strategic cooperation in Hangzhou 2017 Computing Conference Education Symposium, and announced a testing platform based on Alibaba Cloud to provide the wider population with more professional testing and assessment services.


The photo shows the joint announcement of the strategic cooperation by ATA Chairman Kevin Ma (on the left) and Alibaba Cloud Vice President Jin Ge (on the right)


In this global summit meeting on cloud computing, ATA Chairman Kevin Ma and Alibaba Cloud Vice President Jin Ge witnessed their cross-sector cooperation.


“ATA is devoted to becoming the largest testing and assessment service provider and talent data operator in the world. Relying on its core technologies and service experiences in testing and assessment accumulated over the years, ATA is always focused on promoting innovative development of China’s education and talent evaluation. The “test cloud” platform product announced this time under the strategic cooperation with Alibaba Cloud is the very product of the philosophy of “being professional, open, and sharing”. It is aimed at providing test sponsors, education organizations, enterprises, and training organizations with a test cloud platform and services that are more professional and convenient,” said Ma.


The photo shows ATA’s Chairman Kevin Ma making a speech


“A professional online test system everybody can use,” said Dr.Yao Zhifeng, general manager of ATA Test Product Department in introducing the test cloud platform. The test cloud can serve any test sponsor that has a need for testing and assessment. With the test cloud as the core, applications and services are provided covering all links of test delivery and implementation, including item bank cloud, test paper cloud, registration cloud, monitor cloud, scoring cloud, and data cloud. Various technologies are adopted to ensure that the tests are secure, serious, fair, and just, such as random order display of test items and selections, one-person-one-paper by dynamic paper selection, real-time video monitoring, random photo record, IP address qualification, and browser page locking. At the same time, ATA custom-made the technical measures for test security that are even more reliable through in-depth cooperation with Alibaba Cloud.


The photo shows Dr.Yao Zhifeng, general manager of ATA Test Product Department


With the test cloud, test sponsor can not only create and publish tests at any time and place more conveniently but also make real-time test management with the visualization and data functions in the cloud. The test cloud can be used on any equipment, and at any time and space, be it PC, MAC, Linux, or cellphone and tablet, requiring only a browser, without the need of installing any applications or plug-ins. The examinees can take part in testing through code scanning using their cellphone, which makes the test taking experience more convenient.


What’s more, the test cloud has abundant application scenes, which are applicable to various test and assessment needs of sponsors of various industries, enterprises, academies, and training agencies. Included are the following applications: various levels of proficiency tests, qualification and certifications, ability appraisal, knowledge & skill contest, academic assessment, subject test, mid-term and final examinations, campus recruitment, selection and appointment, position promotion, and competency evaluation.


As testing and assessments accompany one’s study, job seeking, and the course of career development in a life time, the fairness and justness of testing and assessment has an impact on one’s life-long development. ATA, as China’s largest third-party testing and assessment service provider, opened and shared ATA’s core technologies in testing and assessments through the strategic cooperation with Alibaba Cloud, with a view to promoting the innovation and development of China’s education & test industry, talent and society in a more impartial way.