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ATA's Eztest Receives “HR Service Innovation Awards 2017”

2017-12-06 1019

At the “2017HRoot HR Service Innovation Awards” ceremony that took place today, Eztest, a cloud-based test product of ATA, received the HR Service Innovation Awards 2017. Yao Zhifeng, General Manager of ATA Test Product Department, attended the award ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of ATA.



Sponsored by the Human Capital Management Magazine and HRoot, the "2017HRoot HR Service Innovation Awards"  event is aimed at identifying the most innovative technologies, products, services and solutions in the human resources service industry in order to demonstrate the value of innovation, encourage innovative initiatives and to promote innovation in the human resources service industry.



As a leading third-party testing and assessment service provider, ATA is dedicated to providing testing and assessment services and engaging in innovative development of testing and assessment technologies. As a cloud-based test product developed by ATA on the basis of such design concepts as specialization, openness and sharing, Eztest is intended to provide test sponsors, educational institutions, enterprises and training institutions with more professional and convenient cloud-based test platform and services and to become a specialized online test system accessible to everyone.


As a service available to any sponsor that needs testing and talent assessment, Eztest is intended to provide cloud-based item bank cloud, test paper cloud, registration cloud, monitoring cloud, scoring cloud, data cloud and other applications and services covering all processes for organizing and carrying out testing and talent assessments. The item randomization and dynamic paper selection, the approach of personalized  test form, real-time video monitoring, random photo recording, IP address sanction, browser lock-down and related technologies have helped guarantee the security, seriousness, fairness and impartiality of test administration.


Photo: Dr. Yao Zhifeng, General Manager of ATA Test Product Department, accepts the awards on behalf of ATA.


The security, convenient and flexible features of Eztest have made its applications  more diverse, which means that it can be used not only for proficiency evaluation, qualification certification, capability verification and various knowledge or skill contests organized by the sponsors, but also for the academic evaluation, tests, mid-term and final exams conducted by universities and training institutions at various levels. In addition, it is extensively used by China UnionPay, Lenovo, Canon, China Minsheng Bank, China Pacific Insurance and other several hundred enterprises in campus recruitment, public recruitment, talent assessment, selection for job promotion and other human resources management activities. Furthermore, Eztest has also provided system and technology services for the National Tax Law Knowledge Contest, as well as occupational skill contests and various other knowledge and skill competitions organized by the State Administration of Taxation and state and local tax authorities of various provinces and municipalities.


So far, Eztest has provided testing and assessment applications and services for more than 30 million persons/times through its several hundred clients. ATA is committed to becoming the world's largest testing and assessment service provider and human resource data operator. On the strength of its core technologies and service experiences for testing and assessment accumulated over the long term, it will, through sustained innovation, provide the most professional services for China's talent assessment, recruitment and selection as well as other human resources management and talent development activities.