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  • Join ATA & ATA school and university partners

    To implement the project of “Joining ATA and becoming ATA school and university partners”, ATA will select colleges and universities as partners, which are well-known and have sound software and hardware environment in different regions. These universities will collaborate with ATA in undertaking the large-scale test projects and be engaged in any other possible collaboration projects. Through the collaboration with ATA, the universities can bring their potentials in machine room and equipment and teaching faculty into full play without the need to make more investment or the need to worry about the source of test-takers. They can receive rich economic incomes, enhance their own popularity, promote the development of relevant branches of learning, drive the development of relevant training programs, and provide still more job opportunities for their graduates. These kinds of collaboration will help universities achieve both economic and social benefits.

    For more information about how to join ATA or become its university partners, please contact Miss Cui on 021-61821999-6145, or send an email to

  • Part-time engineers for ATA

    The project of “Part-time Engineers for ATA” is aimed to recruit a number of people who have sound qualities and a certain level of using computer in different regions of China. These engineers will be entitled “ATA’s part-time engineers” after receiving training and passing the examination. The authenticated people will become an important part of ATA technology service system, and can provide more timely and quality technological services for local customers. An ATA engineer will not only have rich economic returns, but also enhance his or her own capabilities. If you are looking for a part-time job and hope that you can bring your expertise into play on a larger stage, do not hesitate to apply for joining the team of ATA part-time engineers!

    Anyone who wishes to apply for joining the team of ATA engineers, please contact Miss Wang on 021-61821999-6150, or send an email to