Investor Relations eng chn

Corporate products


All-round total solutions
  • Learning platform
  • Mobile learning platform
  • Service of preparing courseware
  • Assessment report
  • Market promotion
  • Customer service
  • No need to prepare lecturer

Provided by ATA

Provided by test sponsor

All-round total solutions

  • Continuing education

  • Pre-test training

  • Enterprise training

  • Open education

It is not necessary for the test sponsor to make much investment at the early stage. The preparation time is short, and it is rapid to launch.

Product operation system

Operation and Management Center

A mature and comprehensive control system

  • Server and network

    Data security and information control center

  • Product development

    Demand for system updating

  • Customer service center

    Outbound call and call-in service

  • Content support center

    Service of mailing and sending certificates and invoices

Collect and handle the feedback problems

Customer service system which makes timely responses and provides services combined from various perspectives

Multi-channel feedback Project management center
Customer System improvement, demand upgrading, problem feedback

Timely follow up and give feedback of how to handle the problems of key accounts, and conduct regular communication

Learn about the new demands and improve services

Customer service center Handling problem at C-terminal Outbound call service

Payment and problems with financial accounts

Learning problems

Learning results and problem reporting

Online feedback Online problem feedback Community interactive services

Online follow-up service

Cases and Customers

PC-end cases

APP cases