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ATA Saville personality test product series

ATA Saville personality test product series is the most reliable and valid personality assessment tool in the world. Having been certified by the authoritative BPS, ATA Saville product can comprehensively assess the characteristics and inclination of an individual in terms of his or her personal character, aptitude, motive, competency characteristics, and adaptability to corporate culture and environment. ATA Saville product series is used in more than 1,400 enterprises in more than 150 countries across the world, including 70 percent of world top 500 enterprises. It is successfully used in all links of human resource management, including recruitment, competitive employment, internal training, and leadership evaluation.


Expert report

Expert report is applied in a wide range of fields. It can provide accurate data in recruitment, selection and evaluation of talent development, provide clear information about the capability, motive, competency and potentials of applicants, and provide basis for enterprises to make decision on recruiting the most suitable talents.


Comprehensive development report

Comprehensive development report is mainly used for guiding the applicants after they are employed. It clearly defines the advantages and limitations of employees, provide advice on corresponding actions, and help employees make effective and planned improvements in key areas.


Job interview guidance report

Job interview guidance report can provide interviewers with structuralized and uniform job interview questions in light of the results of personality assessment test, and facilitate the job interviewers to evaluate the competency of job applicants and reduce the subjectivity in the process of job interview, thus enhancing the efficiency of job interview.


Emotional inclination report

Emotional inclination report is mainly used to evaluate the inclination characteristics of job applicants in two fields related to personalities - emotional control and social contact. It can help recruiter effectively identify the job applicants who have a high degree of melancholy mood and anxiety and have low capability to resist stress, and reduce the risks of employing people who have potential psychological problems, thus improving the employment quality.


EPI products

EPI product series are developed by ATA Testing & Assessment Research Institute. The development team is composed of 200 experts in developing test items. Coming from authoritative organizations including Chinese Psychological Society and Beijing Normal University, these experts have rich experience. The large-scale item bank has nearly 10,000 test items, and the norm data samples are of more than one million person-times. The ATA EPI products are widely applied in well-known enterprises both home and abroad in industries such as finance, communication, manufacturing and energy. The accumulated number of customers is more than 300, and the accumulated number of test-takers is nearly 10 million person-times. The ATA EPI products can rapidly, accurately and efficiently test the vocational capability of individuals. 

  • Language understanding

  • Arithmetic calculation

  • Logic inference

  • Thinking strategy

  • Data analysis


Basic work capabilities

Language understanding Arithmetic calculation Logic inference Data analysis Thinking strategy

Specialized work capability

Problem-solving capability Communication skills Learning capability Innovation capability

Cognitive capability

Attention Memory Response speed

Language competency

English competency

Expertise in special industries

Expertise in financial industryExpertise in management Expertise in other industries

ATA K12 Education third-party evaluation

Model for Evaluating the Core K12 Qualities

In the Opinions of Deepening Reform of Courses Comprehensively and Implementing the Fundamental Task of Promoting Virtues and Cultivating the Young, a document issued in 2014, the Ministry of Education proposed for the first time the concept of “core quality system” and advocated the establishment of an entirely new concept on talents and the concept on evaluating talents. In light of the core quality system in developing Chinese students proposed by the Ministry of Education and the research results of our assessment projects and the service experience accumulated over the years, ATA summarizes “ATREE” - A tree for evaluating the core K12 qualities. This model fully covers the key capabilities and the moral characters required to cultivate the core K12 qualities.

Education assessment cloud platform system

With powerful scientific and research power and the experience of making assessment projects accumulated over the years, and based on ATA big data analysis and data mining technology, E-testing system, test item development and management capability, test item presentation technology, self-adaptive test technology, ATA releases an education assessment cloud platform system which has the functions of e-scoring, online scoring of subjective type questions, analysis of evaluation results and management. 

Orientation of application

  • Orientation of application

    Competent organization

    Education quality evaluation

    Education resource analysis

    Education policy formulation

  • School

    Testing and verification of education proposal

    Education quality monitoring

    Optimize teaching behavior

  • Teacher

    Have a deeper understanding of students

    Have a comprehensive understanding of classes

    Optimize teaching methods

  • Student

    Deepen self-recognition

    Optimize route of learning

    E-match the learning content

Tools & Systems

Assessment / evaluation tools

  • Assess learning performance
  • Core scientific capability / Quality assessment
  • Assess personality characteristics
  • Assess attitudes and values
  • Assess motive for learning

Application system

  • Education assessment system
  • Self-adaptive learning system
  • Diagnosis system

Core Engines

  • Knowledge graph technology

  • Test item tag technology

  • ECD technology of preparing test items

  • Cognitive diagnosis technology

  • Self-adaptive test technology

  • Machine-learning algorithm

  • Authoritative item bank and assessment tool

Big Data

    Learning behavior database Learning personality and learning graph Big data algorithm bank