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Corporate service

ATA is China’s only third-party provider of the largest scale and the capacity of providing all-round computerized testing technology, delivery and promotion services.

Leveraging the leading test and assessment technologies and abundant test delivery experience and depending on over 3,000 authorized test centers across the country, ATA has been providing a whole range of professional testing technologies and test delivery services, test content and market promotion services for clients such as government agencies, industry associations, academic institutions and corporations.

The assessment products and services provided by ATA are widely applied in large-scale uniform qualification examinations, vocational skills certification, vocational competition, competency tests for internal posts of enterprises, campus recruitment, and analysis of testing results and in-depth data mining and all other links of testing.

ATA provides professional test and assessment technologies and test delivery services to industry associations, government agencies, large-scale state-owned enterprises, education and training organizations, and foreign-funded enterprises, covering finance, manufacturing, service, medicine and health, information, and petrochemical industries.

Nearly 10 million test-takers and examinees receive their vocational certificates or testing results after receiving the testing services provided by ATA each year. 

Testing technology service

ATA’s proprietary testing technologies are applied in 161 countries and regions worldwide in different languages. As one of China’s companies exporting testing technologies, ATA provides the most advanced testing technologies and services to test users worldwide, covering the fields of testing affairs management, item banks management, test site management, scoring center, statistics and analysis.

  • Test platform system

    Test affairs management system
    Test site management system
    Registration and fee payment system
    Item development system
    Item authoring system based on item bank
    Test scoring center system
  • Item presentation technology

    Dynamic simulation technology
    Environment simulation technology
  • Security technology

    Security technology
    Item encryption technology
    Time encryption technology
    Item bank fingerprint extraction and restoration technology
    Item bank high-intensity encryption and decryption technology

Test content service

Basic principles of presenting clear interface, keeping the test form in e-testing concise and pleasant to look, ensuring complete functions and easy operation, facilitating and servicing test-takers should be taken into consideration in designing computerized test items and the test forms. ATA has specialized technology and experience in presenting the best form of e-testing items and digitalization of test items. In addition, based on big data analysis of the items and the test form in e-testing, ATA can help test sponsors constantly improve the reliability and validity of the test, improve the quality of the test and improve the test-taker’s experience of the test. 

  • Content construction

    Consultation to the setting of test items
    Building of item bank
    Data analysis
    Item authoring technology
  • Content production

    Standard content of the test sponsor
    ATA’s proprietary and third-party content standard
    Content co-production
  • Content standard

    Item production
    Item designing
    Item presentation
    Item bank entrustment

Test delivery service

Relying on its efficient national network composed of more than 3,000 sites for issuing the information about tests, ATA provides comprehensive specialized test services for its customers including government agencies, education organizations, enterprises and public institutions, including rapid deployment, organization and implementation of nationwide large-scale tests and competitions, customization of the test for internal posts of enterprises and campus recruitment test, and characteristic services such as in-depth mining of test data.

  • Professional technical operation team

    ATA has a number of teams which have been engaged in the fields of project management, delivery and implementation, technical development and project guaranteeing for more than 10 years. These teams have been dedicated themselves to the practices and explorations in the fields of testing and assessment, and have deep understanding of testing and assessment services.

  • People-oriented services for test-takers

    ATA has been engaged in the testing services for a long period of time and has constantly improved the process of organizing test-takers, and provided a system of diversified service items for test-takers such as Weibo, WeChat, SMS, APP, Call Center and online customer services. These services of ATA provide people-oriented test experience and services for more than ten million test takers.

  • Standardized process management

    ATA has established a test center system covering the headquarters and the universities in provinces and cities as well as a standard for test delivery and deployment. All test centers and the people engaged in monitoring the test all receive strict training conducted under the uniform standard. The delivery of several tests has fully proved the practicality of such a system.

Preparations at the test site

Test-takers enter the test site

In the process of test