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Corporate service

Based on computer-based testing and assessment technologies and services, ATA adopts a unique talent evaluation standard and evaluation system to provide integrated HR selection and recruitment services, such as large-scale exams and contests, flexible online assessment services, interviewer trainings, for the talent selection and recruitment of various industries and enterprises, as well as scientific and efficient turnkey solutions for test sponsors and talent selection and recruitment management of enterprises.

  • 1,100,000

    ATA provides all kinds of assessment services for more than 1,100,000 person-times each year, covering government agencies, industry associations, enterprises, public institutions and individuals.

  • 1,400

    ATA provides assessment services for more than 1,400 enterprises, including more than 100 global top 500 enterprises.

  • 150

    ATA provides assessment services and products for enterprises in more than 150 countries.

  • 80%

    Of all China's top 500 enterprises, more than 70 percent of the first 20 enterprises use ATA assessment services and products.

With general capability test as its core, the ATA talent evaluation system focuses on giving scientific and fair evaluation and description of the basic work capability, English competency, personality and psychological characteristics of job-seekers and talents from the following three aspects – general employability, English competency, personality and behavioral style of the candidates on the job. The ATA talent evaluation system not only gives an objective and all-round evaluation of the capabilities of a job-seeker or test-taker, but also provides enterprise with accurate and detailed report. In addition, the enterprise may also use the post tag embedded in the ATA talent evaluation system to conduct specific capability test of job applicants. The test results can be used in all links of human resource recruitment and management including campus recruitment, overseas secondment, employee training and internal recruitment.