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Corporate service

ATA applies the formative evaluation technology to its online education solutions in an innovative way, recording the learners’ basic information, learning trajectory, testing and assessment process and results based on big data, giving them the advice of how to learn better through comprehensive analysis, providing tens of millions of learners and candidates with an effective learning mode, offering the test sponsors with proven and reliable online education, remote learning, and education/training technologies and delivery services.

All-round total solutions
  • Learning platform
  • Mobile learning platform
  • Service of preparing courseware
  • Assessment report
  • Market promotion
  • Customer service
  • No need to prepare lecturer

Provided by ATA

Provided by test sponsor

All-round total solutions

  • Continuing education

  • Pre-test training

  • Enterprise training

  • Open education

It is not necessary for the test sponsor to make much investment at the early stage. The preparation time is short, and it is rapid to launch.

  • 1000

    online courses

  • 45

    million hours of course-wares

  • 900,000

    active users

  • 100

    million learning hours

Based on conducting tests and assessment and making data analysis of online learning, ATA provides test sponsors with the basis for making decision on human resource management, and provides learners and test-takers with knowledge cognitive maps and service of capability evaluation, and provides test sponsors with services including comprehensive analysis of test data and consultation.