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Corporate service

In its efforts to provide services for K12 education, ATA aims to provide specialized and quality third-party evaluation services for government agencies (education commission/education bureau), schools/education institutions, teachers and students. In line with the course standards of each subject for compulsory education issued by Ministry of Education and reform proposals formulated by each region on entrance examination for secondary high school and university entrance examination, ATA organizes chief experts on setting test questions in all subjects and front-line teaching and research fellows who have deep understanding of the connotations of the national education objectives to develop the most authoritative evaluation tools that take the “objectives for each grade” and “evaluation objectives of entrance examination of secondary middle school and university entrance examination” into consideration. 

Third-party education quality monitoring services

Educational authorities at or above the district level has the responsibility to monitor and improve the educational quality in schools under its jurisdiction. ATA provides specialized educational quality monitor service for educational authorities at various levels.ATA can provide competent education departments at various levels with professional education quality monitoring services. In line with different objectives, ATA can design different monitoring and organization models, formulate standard process for monitoring and sampling, data collection, data analysis and report writing, so as to guarantee the quality of monitoring education. Through the services of evaluating education quality, ATA can help competent teaching research and management departments at different levels learn whether learning objectives have been achieved in different schools, learn the teaching level of teachers, and analyze the matching of education resources, with the aim to improve the overall teaching level of the whole region.

Simulated tests for entrance examination of secondary high school and university entrance examination and region-specific general examination

ATA organizes a team of test-setting experts composed of nationally well-known leaders in each school subject and first-class teaching and research experts from provinces and cities. With their experience on setting test questions accumulated over the years, and in light of the analysis data of entrance examination of secondary high school and university entrance examination, and the reform proposals on entrance examination of secondary high school and university entrance examination formulated by Ministry of Education and at different regions, these experts develop simulated test paper. These simulated tests can effectively test the results of the preparations made by students for the formal tests, make diagnosis of their strong points as well as weak ones, and the post-test analysis reports can provide valuable references for schools, teachers and students to work out concrete teaching and learning plans.